Adult Sunday Morning Bible Studies

Solomon’s Porch – Room S101

Scott Cundiff

Solomon’s Porch is open to visitors and members of all ages. The group uses studies selected from various resources. These studies provide solid biblical content for us to explore, which raise thought-provoking questions and discussions. Some class subjects are independent of each other, and some are a series conducted on a book of the scriptures.  We explore life applications each week utilizing an open discussion forum.

In His Word – Room E105

Gus Hinkel/Sharon McCreery

Adult class for all ages, but most are of senior age. Studying and discussing Bible principles and how they related to our lives today. The Wesleyan Quarterly is used as the basis of these studies. All are welcome.

Open Door – Room E103

Pastor Beverly Strong/Pastor Eunice/Pete Valle

 This class uses the Nazarene curriculum and any age is welcome. We often engage in lively discussions on the different passages of the bible. The first Sunday of the month is a devotion and prayer time. The last Sunday of the month a class will be at the Heartis Senior Center next door. Participation at the Senior Center is optional, However, there will still be a regular class held in room E103.

If you have questions about these Bible Studies, please call the church office at 218-486-9581, or  message us.