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Holly Castaneda

Sep 12, 2014 Staff by CLCN Office
Holly and her husband, Joe, have 3 awesome kids and love working with children at Clear Lake Nazarene.  Holly is finishing up her degree in Christian Education and has been working in kids ministry for like… 10 years!  She plans awesome services, events, camps and trips for our kids and she’d love to talk to you
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Shawn Summers

Jan 10, 2014 Staff by CLCN Office
Shawn and his wife, Donna, have 2 great kids.  Shawn keeps our student ministry busy with events (camps, paintball, pool parties, studies (Wednesday night, Sunday morning), and more (you just never know).

Dr. Charles Bearinger

Jan 9, 2014 Staff by CLCN Office
Dr. Bearinger is married to Karen and is an valuable part of our church staff.  He provides counseling services, visitation care, and leadership in our Classic (50+) Ministry… and more.

Beverly Strong

Jan 3, 2014 Staff by CLCN Office
Beverly is married to Ed and is a nurse.  She provides prayer and visitation support and encouragement in our congregation and district to make smart health decisions.

David Tadlock

Jan 2, 2014 Staff by CLCN Office
Pastor David is married to Betty and provides a range of pastoral support to our congregation, including assistance with ministry training and welcoming guests to our church.

Helen Reddicks

Jan 1, 2014 Staff by CLCN Office
Helen is married to Donald and she makes sure the congregation & ministries of the church get everything they need to be top-notch.

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