Restoration Celebration 1/28/2018

Harvey Restoration Celebration

On Sunday, January 28, at 10:30 am we will celebrate God’s blessing and the generosity of so many in a special service of thankfulness.  There will be pictures, prayers, and presentations all of which celebrate the generosity of many and the unfailing nature of God. 

The church is strong; its arms are encompassing, its character of love is seen in its generosity, its hope is demonstrated in its service.  Clear Lake Church of the Nazarene is thankful to so many.  Our community, especially those who gave of their time, service, and resources, are the invited and honored guests at this event.  Through the actions of many this saying has been proven true.  “A burden shared is half the burden. A joy shared is twice the joy.”  You are invited to share our joy!  We celebrate together!