Missions & Service

Clear Lake Nazarene is always looking for ways to be Jesus to our community.

Com2Mex is a 5 day Mission Experience sponsored by Southern Nazarene University over Christmas break.  It is an inexpensive, safe and a fun way to experience missions. This year we are going to Chihuahua, Mexico. The cost is $600 plus your transportation to El Paso Texas. From there to Mexico all expensive are paid. If you are interested call the church office at 291-486-9581, Joe Castaneda at 832-888-0815 or Message us.

Each Christmas, we partner with Angel Tree Ministries to give gifts to children of prisoners.

We’re a satellite of an organization called Kids Against Hunger and we’re preparing, funding and shipping thousands of meals to be used by people who are starving all over the world.

outreachWe’ve worked with Houston’s Star of Hope and the Houston Food Bank  and are working with other local ministries and organizations all the time!

And we’re just really getting started!  Look here for more exciting opportunities to do big things for the Kingdom in the Houston area.

World Mission Broadcast.

Join us as we take the gospel to the world through radio, television, and Internet programs. On the air since 1944, World Mission Broadcast (WMB) reaches even the most remote parts of the world, with words of hope and holiness … and lives are changed.

Clear Lake Nazarene is always looking for ways to be Jesus to our world.

One of the greatest joys of being a Nazarene is knowing that the Nazarene Missions program is one of the best missionary programs in the world… and we support it whole-heartedly through giving money and time, praying, writing, reading and sending (people).

Here are some impressive facts about Nazarene World Missions:

World areas / countries with Nazarene work 162
Number of missionaries
Includes Mission Corps volunteers and 22 tent makers
These cross-cultural missionaries come from 26 different countries
Missionaries’ children 274
Number of members worldwide 2,471,553
Organized churches 30,574
Districts 465
Languages in which literature was published in 2006 67
Languages in which radio broadcasts are produced 30
Cost for one minute of air time $2.19
Countries reached by radio broadcasts
Cost of one minute of air time: $4
Undergraduate and graduate educational institutions in 35 countries on six continents. 52
Extension centers training church leaders 31
Students in colleges, seminaries and extension centers 13,750
Vocational and training colleges 3
Enrollment in these 3 career training schools 227
Children sponsored by Nazarene Child Development programs
In addition, nutritional assistance is given in about 80 countries
Medical facilities 65
Nazarene compassionate ministry centers in US and Canada 163
Retired missionaries receiving pensions 292
Work & Witness teams last year 1,119
Crisis Care Kits sent in recent year 41,000
School Pal-Paks sent in recent year 6,000
Cost per minute to operate Nazarene world mission program $74
The number of colleges and universities. 51
Child Development Centers 234
Number of students in 1,318 pre-school, primary, and secondary schools. 147,581